Air Quality Services

If you own a business that emits air pollutants and need an air permit, our trained experts have more than 15 years experience in air pollution dispersion modeling, impact analysis and permitting. We will tailor a permitting package that will meet your regulatory objective. The regulations under the Title V program are complex. Depending upon the quantity of your facility's emissions, you may only be required to file as a minor facility without having to file an extensive Title V application. We can determine your needs by performing an air pollution audit.

Some of the industries that usually require air permits include: printing and graphic arts, asphalt production, metal recycling, electroplating, wood finishing, pharmaceutical manufacture, transfer stations, auto body repair and utilities.

We can provide air permitting services for that are typically required for meeting city, state, and federal regulations, the New York City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) and Environmental Impact Statements. In addition to stationary sources (i.e., stacks), an analysis of traffic conditions and mobile source (i.e., cars and trucks) air pollutant impacts can also be prepared.

We offer the following air quality-related services:

  • Air dispersion modeling for stationary and mobile sources
  • Pollutant emission calculations
  • Permit and report preparation
  • Facility inspections
  • Reviews of existing air permits
  • Stack test protocols
  • Stack testing
  • Traffic studies

We will review all of your existing air permits, records and applicable federal and state regulations and then provide you with a written summary of the recommended permitting strategy.

If you have any questions about our services please visit our contact page or call 212-582-7434.