Our Services

Wright Weather is a meteorological consulting company that specializes in:

  • Expert witness testimony
  • Analysis of past weather conditions
  • Official and certified weather data
  • Site-specific weather forecasting
  • Air quality permitting and modeling studies
  • Expert testimony on air quality issues
  • Environmental Planning and EIS preparation
  • Traffic studies
  • Phase I environmental site assessments

Preparation of a past weather report by a forensic weather expert can be vital in the following areas: personal injury (i.e., slip and fall), auto accidents, claim investigations, weather-related incidents and snow removal claims.

Detailed weather forecasts that can pinpoint the likely weather conditions expected for a given day, even down to hour-by-hour resolution, are provided by an experienced meteorologist. These forecasts can be prepared for sporting events, film production companies, road departments, utilities snow removal contractors and private industry.

With our extensive library of long-term data, our weather specialists can provide detailed climate studies for any locale in the United States or abroad. Businesses that can benefit from climate studies include retailers and manufacturers, snow removal contractors, ski resorts, landscaping companies, construction firms and utilities.

If you own a business that emits pollutants, you may need to prepare an air quality analysis. We can provide complete air pollution permitting services at a reasonable cost.

If you have any questions about our services please e-mail us, visit our contact page or call 212-582-7434.