Past Weather Data

To order official past weather data, please contact us at 212-582-7434 or visit our contact page. We can obtain any type of official weather data including Doppler radar, hourly weather observations and climatological data. We will research the best available data that meets your requirements. Certified data (blue ribbon seal) can also be provided if required. The most common types of past weather data are described below.

Hourly Weather Observations

Hourly stations are official government reporting stations at airports or forecast offices that provide hourly data such as temperature, precipitation, wind speeds, humidity, pressure, current weather, type of precipitation and visibility.

Cooperative Weather Data

A cooperative station is a station that records observations on a daily basis. The records usually include daily high and low temperature, precipitation, and depth of snow on the ground.

Certified Weather Data

If you need the certified data for use in court, we can provide data that has been certified with a blue ribbon seal from the US Department of Commerce.

Local Climatological Data

This publication is a monthly summary for an airport or forecast office that includes a daily account of such weather paramaters as temperature, precipitation, pressure and winds. Also included are hourly precipitation data and surface weather observations.

Storm Data

This publication contains a chronological listing, by state of storm damage reports due to hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail, floods, drought conditions, lightning, high winds, snow, temperature extremes and other weather phenomena.

Climatological Data

This publication contains station daily maximum and minimum temperatures and precipitation. Some stations also provide daily snowfall, snow depth, evaporation, and soil temperature data.

Hourly Precipitation Data

This publication contains hourly precipitation amounts obtained from recording rain gages.


Please contact us by calling 212-582-7434 or visit our contact page if you have any questions or would like to order past weather data.